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Bourbon Anyone?

Last month Rick and I took a quick trip to Lexington to refine our bourbon tasting skills and visit some of the Giants of the Industry: Jim Beam, Woodford Reserve, Four Roses, and of course, Wild Turkey. We bottled a single batch of Knob Creek to commemorate the opening of Rehana's, purchased several bottles for our personal collection from each distillery which are only sold at those distilleries, and of course used the opportunity to sample, sample, sample.

While bourbon can be made anywhere in the United States, 90% of it is produced in Kentucky. Another fun fact? Bourbon was named America's Native Spirit in a resolution passed by Congress in 1964 protecting American Distillers from foreign competition thereby solidifying it as a legitimate and super tasty liquor for the ages!

Starting in September, Rehana's will be offering a series of private bourbon tastings and bourbon pairing dinners. The tastings will couple light fare and featured pours and the dinners will consist of five courses with five perfectly curated cocktails. Our first tasting will be on Thursday, 7 September at 5:30 in our upstairs Lounge and our first dinner pairing will be Saturday, 9 September at 5:30 in our Main Dining Room.

Guests who complete the series of four tastings will receive 50% off of their fifth tasting. Guests who complete the series of four bourbon pairing dinners will receive a complimentary 5th dinner. More details will be announced later this month. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or call the restaurant directly.

We hope you will join us in this new adventure!

Rick and Huda Maltbie

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